Frankie Flame – Fireworks
Randale Records

This is a great album, and a compilation and an overview of so many of the successes and legacy that is Franky Flame. It is a triple-gate-fold album, which is collectible although hard to fit into a plastic sleeve, if that matters to you. It is great to finally have Franky’s earlier recordings and his recordings on hard-to-find singles available and all in one place. It sounds as though the songs have been re-mastered, and that the older recordings have been reworked to maximize their depth. This album includes all of the classics, and also highlights Franky’s collaboration with many other groups such as the Wailers, Another Man’s Poison, Evil Conduct, Vanilla Muffins, and so forth. Listening through this entire collection, one truly gets an appreciation for this man’s talent, his musical genius, and his ability to entertain. His personality, sense of humour, and thoughts are infused throughout the three LPs, it truly is an autobiography. He’s mastered sing-a-long pub songs, oi! anthems, and Good Ol’ RocknRoll, and he’s also added something special and indescribable into the mix. Franky Flame is a great man, and this release is a testament to his many accomplishments. To be continued...

*****30 SEPTEMBER 2013*****

Randale Records has put out some of the best Oi albums in the last few years and they keep the streak going with "Fireworks!" a 3 lp, 30 song collection chronicling The Wizard of Oi himself, Franky Flame. This covers Franky's entire career (except for Superyob). From his days in Frankie and the Flames to his numerous guest spots on records like Evil Conduct's "The Way We Feel", they're contained in this collection. If you want a piano driven, rabble rousing, sing-a-long soundtrack to a night at the pub or bar, Franky Flame will and has been delivering it since the late 1970's. If you don't know, check out "Fireworks!" and listen for yourself.

The first side of the first disc starts off with songs from his 5 track "Inferno" cd. A good mix of typical Franky songs and a healthy dose of streetrock brought to you, in part, by Steve Whale (ex-Business guitar player) and Andy Kline (ex-Guttersnipes bass player). The most surprising track on this side is the metal tinged, Motorhead flavored "Exorcist". A bit of a departure for Franky, but there's nothing wrong with giving something else a go, right? The second side shows begins to showcase Franky's collaborations with other artists. You'll find him paired up with Norweigan Oi act The Whalers and Australian rockers Mouthguard. Probably my favorite song on this side is "The Way We Feel" with Evil Conduct. I'm not going to review each song, but definitely check it out!

The second disc kicks off with three songs that Franky did with the Vanilla Muffins. They are all top notch piano driven, streetrock barn burners. Absolutely fantastic! It's damn near impossible not to sing-a-long with Franky's raspy voice. We are also treated to a cover of the Sex Pistols "No Feelings". A great cover. "Fire" is the final song on the side and leaves me a bit confused. The disco-ish overtones leave a bad taste in my mouth. Then again, there's nothing wrong with trying a little something else, it's just not for me. The second side of this disc is from his time with Frankie and the Flames. It was with these songs that Franky really earned his fame. This is him at his best, simple piano driven songs. Check out his cover of "Bloodshot Eyes" by Wynonie Harris. It is fantastic!

The final disc is more from his time with The Flames. There are a few live tracks thrown in for good measure (though the recording quality isn't that great). More booze soaked pub songs. "Sounds Like Shit To Me" is a stand out on the first side. Instead of streetrock or Oi, Franky dabbles with the blues. It works just as well as the other songs in this collection. The second side is more of the same. By now you know what to expect.

As much as I love Franky Flame and this compilation, it is a bit long. If you're planning on ordering it, be aware that it is a little pricey as well. What do you expect from a 3 lp collection that was put out on a German record label and imported to the U.S.? Those are really the only down sides I see. If you're an Oi purist and feel that the piano has no place in the genre, let me say, you are wrong. Ever wonder why all your favorite English bands wrote about going down the pub with their mates? It was to be entertained and inspired by one man behind a piano, Franky Flame.

It only seems fitting that instead of Oi's, this record should receive Cheers!
I give it 4.5 Cheers! out of 5.
For fans of Cock Sparrer, Slade, The 101'ers, Cockney Rejects.

Written By: Jerry Milwaukee
Posted by Fat Oi! Bastard at 7:51 PM"


Our Superyob album ‘Quality Street’ was hailed as a landmark disc, here are some comments from people about the  album…


SUPERYOB - Quality Street CD (Randale recs)
Crime. Pride. Looking after yer own. Good propaganda subjects. Thankfully there's no hidden agenda when these topics are dealt with by Frankie Flame. Indeed you cannot help but share his outrage at the state of the country, where charvers rob their own, kids are denied operations and one-time socialists now bend over for big business cock and line their pockets like a New Deal scheme charver in a jewellers. "Everybody's equal…except for you son". Couldn't have put it better. The man has a way with words, and an ear for a tune to match, rooted firmly in the glory days of glam & Oi. Anthems like "Charity Begins at Home" , "Champagne Socialist" and "London Pride" stick in yer head like an ICF boot and he also dredges up an obscure Sweet classic "Live For Today" which is paid tribute to brilliantly.

Just got Quality Street and also Ghetto Blaster.Bloody fantastic! –TRAV, ENGLAND

It's like christmas here,I got Quality street and Ghetto blaster this week most impressed Cheers and large beers... PAT, AUSTRALIA

Quality Street is awesome! Best Album I've heard in years! – MARCHING ORDERS, AUSTRALIA

Your new CD is simply magnificent.
Congratulations!! –JOHNNY KRUGGER, SPAIN

just got 'quality street' and 'rock n roll ghosts' in the post.Think both of them are great.cheers from Australia.- AL, AUSTRALIA

Hey guys Your new album is great!! Keep the faith Cheers- DOWN THE PUB,PORTUGAL

Hey Mate!!
Your new CD is brilliant ... I am NOT tired of hearing all day, I love ... congratulations again.- JOHNNY KRUGGER, SPAIN

damn that cd kicks ass thanx mate cheers dusty- DUSTY, USA


Frankie Here's to living the life of a Cockney King Cheers Gal- GARRY BUSHELL, ENGLAND

Hi!! Great Music! Greetings from Germany. Susanne.- SUSANNE, GERMANY

luv the new cd xxx- NINA, ENGLAND

Superyob! Awesome punk guys! –NERO, USA

Hello Superyob!
The new album is excellent ,so this is the new thing high quality oi....awsome! –PER, SWEDEN

hey franky-
the disc is amazing! quality street = quality oi! -SCOTTY/ THE 86'D USA

04 Jul 2008


Superyob's new album showcases all the band's strengths: great hooks, mob choruses and lyrics about working class life and a lost London. Stand-out tracks are 'Champagne Socialist', 'Cockney King' and the anthemic 'London Pride.' 'Toe Rag' is another cracker, an angry tuneful tirade about lowlife parasites who prey on the people, and the album finishes with Frankie on the Joanna for 'Public Bar' a singalong tavern gem that took me right back to the glory days of the Fox & Firkin… magical

Garry Bushell 4.7.08


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Randale Rec.

The newest release from these English Oi! vets and it's definitely one to wake the neighbors with! What amazes me most about this group's music is their ability to tell a story as casually as if you were sitting right beside them in a pub somewhere and still make a storming racket doing it! This one is loosely themed about life in a working class street as the opening track proclaims "this is the story of people's lives on the street where we live/ I won't mince words, you know me I tell it like it is." The proceeding tracks do just that and mix Franky Flames' piano & keyboard sounds with acoustic and overdriven guitars, drums, bass guitar and on the last track titled "public bar" some fiddle, and other instruments unusual to this style. It all leaves me thinking "ah, just right." You get 13 tracks of stories of London pride, bank holidays, guys we all used to know, and Cockney kings...not a dud one really. This is surely some kind of mile stone in this band's career because I have honestly not heard another record quite like this one. Get this one or be left a hobo in the gutters of Quality Street! 5 -SCN - facebook/frankyflamessuperyob