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About Franky Flame;-

Professional musician, composer and songwriter; also  a visual artist and author. Has also been a part time actor and  featured in various  British and American films as an extra and cameo part actor.

  Lives in  London UK.

Plays keyboards and  guitar, and is the lead vocalist with London  Streetpunk/Oi! band Superyob, as well as playing solo shows as a pianist/vocalist, and duelling piano shows; and is owns an international agency for duelling pianos artistes. 

Has toured  as a musician extensively in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, and the USA; and played all kinds of venues doing shows in  pubs and  clubs, colleges, hotels, theatres, as well as outdoor festivals, football stadiums, city halls and other large venues.

Has recorded dozens of original songs and co-written songs for various record releases, plus a   musical soundtrack for a  specialist video that was  released  in the UK and USA;  and also a written and recorded full length musical film/stage drama musical score; two and a half hours in length,  with a writer called Bob Burns who has also written five other succesful musical dramas. 

Also recorded compositions which can be described as 'nu classix' instrumental pieces. Has written many songs for Superyob and  also has co-written songs for Superyob with his mate Pat McVicar.

Been featured on national TV and national and local radio in the UK, Europe and the USA..... and now has this website.

Is a fan of West Ham United and England football teams and also supports British boxers.